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Option Certification Level 2

Consistent Returns Option Trading

Batch Starts : 06 July, 2024
Every Saturday & Sunday
Program Duration: 3 Months
Time: 10 AM - 12 PM
Virtual Sessions
Get certified in the comfort of your home
In Hindi
Batch Starts : 06 July, 2024
Program Duration: 3 Months
Virtual | Sat & Sun (10 AM - 12 PM)
Language: In Hindi

Weather All Market Conditions with Profit & Trade Like a ProProfitable Options Trader = WISE Option TraderW = Wispy a.k.a. Fine Option Literate, Knows How Options Behave & Due to WhatI = Identifies with Market Condition Appropriate Back Tested IndicatorS = Strategize with Return OptimizationE = Execute with Best Trade ManagementJoin Option Certification Level 2 and become a WISE Option Trader.Trade Best Suited Options with Market Appropriate Model And Earn Consistent Returns

What Will You Learn?
W: 4 Analytics Sessions For 4 Seasons Of Market (Bull/ Bear/ Oscillate/ Volatile)
I: 12 Trading Systems 3 For Each Season
S: 3 Sessions On Return Optimizers
E: 1 Separate Session On Just Trade Management
Apply: 4 Live Sessions Thru The 3 Months Long Journey
Course Details



Session 12 Hours

Deep Dissection of Option Premium

  • Option Premium Analysis

  • Underlying effect on Premium

  • Time Effect on Premium

  • Volatility effect on Premium

  • Learning Sweet Spots of Greeks

Session 22 Hours


  • Volumes

  • Open Interest

  • Futures Open Interest

  • Volume Analysis

  • Ban-List

  • Market Wide OI



Session 32 Hours

Trading F&O Using F&O Data

  • Futures OI Analysis Revisited

  • Combining Futures OI + Options OI for Trade Set-Up

  • Option Trade Selection and Exit Strategy

  • Practical Applications

Session 42 Hours

Live Session

  • Live market session.



Session 52 Hours

Directional - Limited Risk Strategy

  • Understanding Concept of Basis – Contango and Backwardation

  • Trading System

  • Debit Spread - Bull Call / Bear Put

  • Credit Spread - Bear Call / Bull Put

Session 62 Hours

Trading Relative Performance

  • Understanding the Concept of Relative Performance

  • Creating Long Short Signals

  • Creating Basket - Stock Selection

  • Deploying Options Strategy



Session 72 Hours

Different Volatilities in Options

  • Premium & Implied Volatility Analysis

  • Effect of IV on Premium

  • Volatile Expiries due to Volatility=MYTH

  • Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility

  • IVP & IVR

Session 82 Hours

Volatility Trading Systems

  • Establishing Predictive Relationship between IV, HV & FRV

  • Indicator #1: Trading Deviations bet. IV, HV, FRV

  • Understanding Mean Reversion in IV

  • Indicator #2: Trading Mean Reversion in IV

  • Trade Selection & Management



Session 92 Hours

Event Trading

  • Known Vs Unknown Events + Volatility.

  • Finding Trade Set-Ups for Results

  • Dos & Don’ts of Pre-Event Long Vol Trades

  • Post Event Vol Diffusion Trades + Management.

  • Back Testing

Session 102 Hours

Greeks Inter-Relationship

  • Revisit Impact of Greeks on our Trades

  • Computing Impact of Greeks on P/L

  • Understanding Interrelationships of 1st Order Greeks

  • Utility & Setting-Up Trading Rules

  • Bonus Content on Theta



Session 112 Hours

Live Session

  • Live market session.

Session 122 Hours

Trading ODTE – Buying and Selling

  • Understanding the Concept of ODTE

  • ODTE - Buying Setup

  • ODTE - Selling Setup



Session 132 Hours

Concept of Options Breakout and Trap

  • Introduction to Option Writers Trap

  • Understanding the Trap - Call Writers and Put Writers Trap

  • Analysis the Trade entry and Exit Points

  • Deploying Strategy on Trap Trades

  • Intraday Scaping Using Triggers and Gamma Trades

Session 142 Hours

Passive Income Generators

  • Calendar Spreads

  • Diagonal Spreads

  • Covered Calls, Protective Put, and Collar

  • 3-Legged Box

  • Broken Wing Butterflies



Session 152 Hours

Live Session

  • Live market session.

Session 162 Hours

Intraday Scalping Using Order Book Data

  • Understanding the Order Books

  • Why Order and Trade Analytics

  • World beyond Price OI Volume

  • Trading Setup using Q-Order Book

  • Trade Execution and Exit Ideas



Session 172 Hours

Positional and Intraday Option Writing

  • Why Write Options

  • When and For How Long to Write

  • Feasibility Test of Writing

  • Understating the option Writer tool and Analysing the Setup

  • Trade Management

Session 182 Hours

Trading Sentimental Indicators

  • Understanding the Concept of OI and Volume PCR

  • Behaviours of Price and Sentiment Indicator

  • Creating Trade Setup Using Vol PCR

  • Selecting and Optimising Option Strategy



Session 192 Hours

Trading Underlying Price with Options

  • Price Characteristics

  • Momentum with a Different View

  • Setting-Up Trading Systems on Mean-Reverting Momentums

  • Modelling Intra-Day and Positional Trades

Session 202 Hours

Live Session

  • Live market session.



Session 212 Hours

Intra-Day Option Buying Techniques

  • F&O OI + Price Indicated Option Buying

  • Greeks as Momentum Identifier

  • Trade Selection + Management

Session 222 Hours

Trade Management Techniques

  • Trade Evolution using Cup approach

  • Profit Management Vs Loss Management

  • Trade Repair Techniques



Session 232 Hours

Art of option scalping

  • Differentiating micro term trading from regular options trading

  • Creating your own option scalping system

  • Exit strategy and trade management

Session 242 Hours

Guest Lecture by Shubham Agarwal

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  • Basic Knowledge of Options Option Certification Level 1 Certified Or Equivalent
  • Basic Knowledge of Options Option Certification Level 1 Certified Or Equivalent
Rahul Prajapati
10+ Years of Experience
Rahul Prajapati
10+ Years of Experience

Rahul has a wild scholarly presentation and expert in Options, having trained more than 10000 students in financial markets. He has aced the Elliot Wave Concepts along with Derivative Trading with financial market experience spanning over 10 years.

Shubham Agarwal
20+ Years of Experience
Shubham Agarwal
20+ Years of Experience

A Chartered Market Technician (MTA, USA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Institute,USA),Certified in Quantitative Finance (CQF, London), Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), Investment Banking Analyst (IMS) & B.Com by qualification, Shubham is among handful professionals with expertise in multiple research domains.

Bhavin Desai
16+ Years of Experience
Bhavin Desai
16+ Years of Experience

Experienced professional in the Equity Derivatives Research, Trading Portfolio Management, Business Relationship Management, Options. Strong administrative professional with a MBA focused in Finance from N L Dalmia IMS.

Vicky Sajnani
15+ Years of Experience
Vicky Sajnani
15+ Years of Experience

Vicky Sajnani, CMT has been an experienced market analyst, having 15+ years experience in multi-asset classes, ranging from equities, commodities and fx. He has been a visiting faculty at various management institutes across India. He is an engineer, MBA by qualification.

Rahul Prajapati
10+ Years of Experience
Shubham Agarwal
20+ Years of Experience
Bhavin Desai
16+ Years of Experience
Vicky Sajnani
15+ Years of Experience
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