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Trading Style

Directional Bets

Take advantage of Directional moves using Options

Risk Management

Known-Loss Strategies with defined risks

Mix of Strategies

Mix of Long & Short strategies are deployed


Trades are not a fluke understand the trade setup

Research Analysts

Shubham Agarwal

CEO Quantsapp, CMT,

Bhavin Desai

President Quantsapp,
MMS in Finance

Tina Gadodia

Vice President Quantsapp,
MMS in Finance

Futures & Options Brief Webinar

These webinars are conducted every fortnight by Mr. Bhavin Desai (President, Quantsapp Advisory)

Elite Portfolio vs NIFTY Performance

Return Distribution

Product Description​

  • Learn While You Earn
  • Trading System: Specific + Generic
  • Strategy Type: Defined but May not be Known Loss
  • Ballpark Capital to be earmarked minimum 20 Lacs
  • Max. Trades Open: 5
  • Typical Reward to Risk: 2:1 to 3:1
  • Trading: Price, Time & Special Variables
  • Fortnightly Market Update Webinar

LIVE Screen Sharing

Daily Zoom meetings from 9:00 to 10:30 am for high probability trades during Market Open.


Quarterly Rs. 60,000*


Annual Rs. 1,50,000*


*+18% GST

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Options is an instrument with inherent characteristic of Risk Management and at the same time also helps in enhancing returns. Most of the Futures traders lose money due to Gaps or News which isn’t in their control (un-systematic risk) and even if they succeed the returns are not lucrative enough. Options on the other hand gives you the best of both worlds i.e. Risk Management & Returns.

An experienced research team for whom all that matters is Hard-core Research instead of guess-works. Our analysts love what they do and the passion is what keeps them on. A well known research team country wide who are looked up to with respect and have managed large funds, big enough to call them leaders.

Quantsapp believes in joining hands with mathematics & power of compute to enhance the research and our internal algo’s are sophisticated enough to create an edge for our clients.

We aren’t a firm which will help you get rid of the ‘Itch’ of trading, we only deal with people who look at this as a sustainable business. So if you are looking to double your money every Quarter, sorry we don’t want to be a part of wealth destruction.

The major difference between an amateur & a professional is management of risk and that’s the first evaluating point for us always. We are very skeptical on taking too much risk and we like playing conservative but that doesn’t mean we cap the upside. We do not recommend high noise driven trading so most of the trades initiated are positional in nature. A top down approach is what we follow and the team has this discipline embedded in their veins.

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