Benefits of Option Writing (Better Odds)

Take advantage of Proven Track Record of Option Writing

Build Known-Loss Strategies with Spreads

Avoid Unlimited Risk Profile in Writing By Buying Protection (Create Spread )

Directional Writing to Improve Pay-offs

Augment Writing Returns by Adding a Directional Touch (Twist)

Edge: Model Based Initiation

Rely on Statistically Proven Emotion Less Models not the Gut

Research Analysts

Shubham Agarwal

CEO Quantsapp, CMT,

Bhavin Desai

President Quantsapp,
MMS in Finance

Tina Gadodia

Vice President Quantsapp,
MMS in Finance

Jyoti Budhia

30 years Experience
as Trader, Trainer and Analyst

Product Description

  • Product category-Low Risk, Low Return
  • Minimum Capital- 5 lakh
  • Position Size: Max 5-6 positions at any given point of time
  • Expected Ideation Frequency: 10-12 Calls a month
  • Expected ROI – 20-22%pa
  • Trade Type: Positional (3-6 sessions)


Yearly Rs. 60,000*
(annually billed 5000*/- month)

Quarterly Rs. 25,000*

*+18% GST

** Services are non-refundable

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