Terms and Conditions

    • The service is provided by the Research Analyst in their Individual capacity Quantsapp is just a platform to facilitate the dissemination infrastructure.
    • QAPP Advisory recommendation are provided for guidance purpose
    • Research Analysts maintain their registration with SEBI and other regulations, Quantsapp is not liable for renewal of registration of Research Analyst with SEBI or other regulatory authorities.
    • Reported SEBI registrations by Analyst Mr. Shubham Agarwal (Proprietor Quantsapp Advisory) is: INH000006332
    • Trading in Equity and Financial Derivatives is inherently risky and users of QAPP services agree to assume complete and full responsibility for the outcomes of all trading decisions that they make, including but not limited to loss of capital.
    • All advisory services are strictly for Individual / Personal use, forwarding of research to friends, family, clients, etc. will be treated as a theft. In an event of a breach, we reserve the right to forfeit the service without any refund and may invite further action.
    • Quantsapp & the Analyst does not claim any kind of return guarantee on any research services
    • Execution, Position Sizing, Maintaining provided stop loss, Risk management is completely the clients responsibility, the research service just provides research on instruments.
    • Trading the ideas, Partially trading or not trading completely is absolutely on clients discretion.
    • Research services are provided and generally governed by SEBI under the Research Analyst regulations.
    • Clients registering for research services understands the risks of Trading in the Derivatives markets.
    • There is not profit sharing allowed by Quantsapp and all services work on a Fixed fee model
    • Purchases made against Research services are Non-refundable.
    • The Research Analyst/s engaged in generation of QAPP Advisory recommendations or his/her relative:
1. Do not have any financial interests in the subject company/ies mentioned in Advisory recommendations 2. Do not own 1% or more of the equity securities of the subject company mentioned in Advisory recommendations as of the last day of the month preceding the dissemination of Advisory recommendations 3. Do not have any other material conflict of interest at the time of dissemination of the Advisory recommendations ·
    • The Research Analyst/s engaged in generating QAPP Advisory recommendations:
    • 1.  Have not received any compensation from the subject company in the past twelve months
    • 2. Have not managed or co-managed public offering of securities for the subject company in the past twelve months
    • 3. Have not received any compensation for investment banking or merchant banking or brokerage services from the subject company in the past twelve months
    • 4. Have not received any compensation or other benefits from the subject company or third party in connection with the research recommendations
    • 5. Has not served as an officer, director or employee of the subject company
    • 6. Is not engaged in market making activity for the subject company
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