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Option Certification Level 1

Learn to Trade Options Error Free

Batch Starts : TBA
Program Duration: 1 month
Time: TBA
Virtual Sessions
Get certified in the comfort of your home
In Hindi
Batch Starts : TBA
Program Duration: 1 Month
Virtual | TBA
Language: In Hindi
Why Join The Course ?
Basic to Intermediate Level
Learn essential basic concepts to intermediate Options Trading strategies over the course of 1 month
Interactive weekly Q&A sessions
Interactive weekly Q&A sessions.Interactive doubt solving sessions, where you can discuss concepts and trades.

Learn Evolution of Options from Basics, Strengthen Option Trading Fundamentals to Independently Trade Options with Data Analytics.“They say majority of Option Traders leave Option Trading after first few trades.”Do you know why?It is the frustration of Being Right on the View Yet, Losing (or Not Making Enough) on Options that pushes them off.Single Source of frustration: ErrorsOption Certification Level 1 is a cure for that frustration.Profitable Options Trading = Price + Time + VolatilityBy Trading just Price, you have just mastered 33% of OptionsCome Join Us in this 1 month Long Journey in Mastering 100% of the Options

What Will You Learn?
True Meaning of Trading Equity Derivatives
Futures Pricing and Application into Trading
Risk Reduction using Options
Insights of Option Premium + Introduction to Greeks
Chapter 1: Applied Knowledge & Error Free Options Trading Systems
Chapter 2: Risk Neutral Futures Trading Strategies
Gift of Complete Fast Money Option Trading System
Course Details



Session 12 Hours

All about Futures

  • Understanding Basic of Derivative Market

  • Futures and Forward market

  • No Arbitrage Pricing

  • M2M and Margin Concept

  • Derivatives Jargons

  • Leverage in Futures Market

Session 22 Hours

Options Defined (Long & Short)

  • Understanding Options Market

  • CALL or PUT Option

  • Option Position and Payoff

  • Options Jargons

  • Options Margin

  • Architect Functions and Numerical Examples.



Session 32 Hours

Option Premium & Open Interest

  • Option Premium Calculation

  • Moneyness of the Option

  • Understanding the secondary Market of Options

  • Concept of Open Interest – Futures

  • Price and OI Relationship

  • Understanding the future Build Up

Session 42 Hours

Advance OI Concepts

  • Concept of Open Interest – Options

  • Options Chain – Buyer or Seller Perspective?

  • Learning Underlying and OI Relationship using – OI PCR

  • Formulating a Directional bias using Seasonal trends

  • Trading Breakout with Conviction using Price and OI Percentile

  • Taking First Trade In options



Session 52 Hours

Basic of Greeks and Options Strategies

  • Revisiting the component in Options Premium

  • Understanding Price, Time and Volatility effect on premium

  • Learning the effect of Greeks on Premium – What If ?

  • Strategies Starter - Naked Options and Spreads

  • Deploying Spreads - when or when not to

  • Demystifying the effect of Greeks on Strategies.

Session 62 Hours

Tasty Technical with Options Tadka

  • Understanding the Trending and Bracketed Market

  • Concept of Averages and Oscillator

  • Trade Setup Using MA and RSI

  • Learn to capture Intraday and Expires day Moves

  • Introducing hidden Greek - GAMMA

  • Intraday naked options buying



Session 72 Hours

Trading Opening Bell – Using Derivative Data

  • Detecting the Intraday Trend

  • Indicator Combo – BB and ADX

  • Technical Setup and Idea Generation

  • Deciding Entry and Exit Point

  • Seven step process for trade selection

  • Which strategy to select

Session 82 Hours

Simple Risk Neutral + Directional Futures Trading System

  • Understanding the Risk in Futures Trading

  • Systematic Risk Management in Futures

  • Benefits and Method of Risk Neutral Trading System
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  • Fresh Mind that Knows nothing about Options Trading
  • Fresh Mind that Knows nothing about Options Trading
Shubhankar Patil
4+ Years of Experience
Shubhankar Patil
4+ Years of Experience

Shubhankar Patil has around half a decade of experience in training & a go-to expert for understanding and mastering Equity Derivatives Trading. He knows the real-world ins and outs of options trading and strategies. Also brings in-depth knowledge of Quantsapp + techniques to the fore, to simplify complex topics.

Guest Lecturer
Varun Shetty
2+ Years of Experience
Varun Shetty
2+ Years of Experience

Varun Shetty possesses rich experience in the field of training, he is amongst the best experts for gaining an understanding of Equity Derivatives Trading. His expertise lies in options trading and formulating effective strategies. Furthermore, Mr. Varun leverages his profound knowledge of Quantsapp to demystify complex options trading concepts.

Shubhankar Patill
4+ Years of Experience
Varun Shetty
2+ Years of Experience
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