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Optimizer Algorithm to Find a Strategy

Find an Optimal Strategy on your forecast from ~200 million combinations within a fraction of a second yet take care of the risks and to fit your constraints.

Sensitivity Analysis of Strategy

Option Strategies have a non-linear payoff and it’s important to know it’s sensitivity to the underlying, time & volatility. Sensitivity analysis helps you in analyzing scenarios to these parameters.

Managing Option Strategies

Strategy manager helps you Create a strategy from a Pre-defined template or a custom one, Track Mark to Market and Greeks (Leg wise or Strategy Wise), Alerts you on Mark To Market Profit/Loss and lets you Analyze the Scenarios of Sensitivity.

Managing Option Strategies

The Open Interest tool helps you to decode Option Bands and market participant’s expectations. It also provides you a unique way of tracking Option Shifts to a custom time frame.

option strategies
option strategies

Option Chain

Option Chain is an essential tool to track Price, Open Interest, Volume and Greeks of option instruments strike wise. This helps in understanding market activity and also in creation/tweaking of strategy with its Greeks.

Option Pain

Its a common belief that Option writers are the smart money. The Option Pain analysis indicates a point of expiry where the buyers of options lose most and is the sweet-spot for option writers. Traders expect this point to be one of the indications of Expiry Level.

Volatility Skew

Event trading comes with its own complexities and a simple way to decode is to look at the Volatility Skew for a market expectation of an event. This helps is creating a strategy with a volatility forecast or trading any expected anomalies.

Put Call Ratio

Each day options instruments move multi-fold and short term traders don’t want to lose opportunities. The tool of Put call ratio filters the highest activity in options and highlights it for a possible trade.

Participant Data

Different market players have different approach and forecasts in market and it’s important to know how FII’s / Proprietary Traders / Clients are placing their bets. This tool not just shows you those numbers but let’s you create a custom series like Synthetic Longs/ Shorts etc. among market participants.

Span Calculator

A trader should know the investment required in an Option Strategy and the Span Calculator helps you calculate it before you take a trade.

Option Calculator

Calculate Option Greeks of an existing option or calculate the possible price of an option on a future date, different underlying level, etc.


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